How it's made

Step One

Pick-up tempered glass (window panes, shower doors, etc) doomed for the city dump from various vendors and patrons.

Step Two

Wipe glass squeaky clean.

Step Three

Smash glass (the most fun part of the process)!!!

Step Four

Sort glass through colander to get shards and specks out, leaving only the pretty pieces.

Step Five

Paint ceramic moulds with layers of pink-kiln-prep-wash so glass does not stick.

Step Six

Painstakingly place glass piece by piece into mould.

Step Seven

Place oh-so carefully into kiln minding corners and edges so glass pieces do not move or fall.

Step Eight

Fire in kiln multiple times using top-secret firing schedule.

Step Nine

Let stand to cool and enjoy warmth of kiln.

Step Ten

Remove from kiln, take out of mould, polish and apply sticker and legs.

Step Eleven

Ooooo and awwww.

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