About ARTSYer

ARTSYer was founded in 2008 in Austin, Texas.

About the Art
The glass bowls are delicate, unique pieces of art. No two pieces are the same! Each piece is handmade and original. They are made from donated or abandoned clear tempered glass. The glass is broken down from full panes and then carefully assembled into one-of-a-kind designs that are then fired in kilns.  The repurposing of the glass is an ingenious way to enjoy ARTSYer art!

About the Artist
Adeline Rem is a passionate fusing glass artist. She started ARTSYer after being inspired by the desire of Austin residents to be environmentally conscience and leave a smaller footprint.  Since living in Austin, she fell in love with the eco-wise, organic mantra of the locals. She had always admired and respected the beauty of nature. It is no wonder that ARTSYer and her fused glass creations reflect these sentiments.

Adeline enjoys photography, cooking, reading, fine dining, and traveling. She was born in Bath, England (still has a slight accent) and now lives in Austin, Texas with two adopted Weimaraners.

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